Yarber and the Youth

Jarrell is on point. I am waiting anxiously to hear what the rest of you have to say. Weren’t in class today? Ask Jarrell. I’ll email to you the exercise from today’s class.


i agree with what Tony yarber was doing now having knowledge of what was really taking place. i feel it is simply disrespectful to him for those that displayed the video, without showing all of it. Yarber was trying a method to reach to the kids, he knew that doing this would get their attention. all through social media you hear and see video of “be Like”. i respect the responds to the negative ad. how dare them try to play him like he is less than what he is.

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Print is not dead: but why?

Good news for the lovers of PRINT! Printer says it is NOT DEAD!

The Prothero Press

booksvstablet Part of my self-imposed job in printing is to stay on top of various web articles and blog posts that detail aspects of print, be it tips or hints to prepping a file correctly, or the history of print, or some aspect of how print can still have an impact on the branded message.  Lately I’ve been seeing posts and articles on why print is NOT dead.  I have been “preaching” this gospel for months now, sharing anything that I find with followers on social media, as a means to compel them to spend their marketing dollars on print or lately, direct mail.


I read 1-2 articles a week, written from the standpoint of trying to convince the reader with statistics that say consumers react better to direct mail, or that such-and-so publication is going back to print.  And according to…

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Those who missed class Wednesday night, look to your emails for the assignment – to follow 3 of the most “youthful” candidates for Mayor of Jackson – Tony Yarber, Melvin Priester, and Chokwe Antar Lumumba and their use of social media in this special election campaign – their use of website, facebook, twitter, instagram (and other video services), YouTube. If you do not have an Instagram account, please set up your personal Instagram and login on the candidates websites to view their Instagram posts and to follow them on the campaign trail.

Also, although the below YOUTH WIRE eminates out of California, it is an example of what you all can do in your own locales.http://www.youthwire.org/about-us.aspx.

Any of you who made the conference Wednesday night in the Bennie Thompson Center at Tougaloo, please blog your perspective on the “School Pipeline to Prison” – a very REAL and DISPARAGING issue of black students, particular males, put on the fast track of expulsion and therefore more likely headed to prison.

Best Regards, Ayesha K Mustafaa